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‘Deer In the Headlight’ Situations

‘Deer In the Headlight’ Situations

Have you ever walked into a room and immediately felt the tension in the air?  In my auditing role, this often happens to me.  I know that people are often fearful or apprehensive about the audit and not sure about what I will be looking for or asking of them.  I...

Relevancy of Policy and Procedures

One of the tasks that will be conducted in any audit is the review of policies and procedures.  Effective policies and procedures provide legal protection for the organization and, in effect, perform a ‘road map’ for what needs to be done to keep everyone on track,...

Selecting Your Auditor

Over the past six months, several CEOs have shared their experiences with me about the differences between the current audit with what they have previously witnessed.  One CEO explained that the previous audit had left her feeling damaged and traumatized due to...

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