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Coaching & Mentoring

Kathy is an insightful, supportive yet challenging coach/mentor to human service auditors.

Whether you are stuck on a specific issue with your practice and merely need a second opinion or are looking for ongoing coaching and mentoring to help you to build your practice, Kathy can assist.

Coaching/mentoring with Kathy is delivered virtually over phone/Skype or Zoom.

Kathy Rees Transformation Specialist

We Offer


As accredited trainers, we design and run tailored, time and cost-effective training programs in quality management for all levels of your human services organisation to ensure understanding and behavioural change.

Coaching & Mentoring

If you are a leader or manager tasked with quality system development or implementation, we offer one-on-one coaching and mentoring to help you rapidly upskill and achieve more.

Kathy Rees Transformation Specialist

Maximising your quality

Wherever you are on your quality accreditation or certification journey under national or state human services standards, we can help you not only achieve the magic tick but also transform your agency and achieve the maximum customer and economic benefit from the process.

Our quality management system consultants deliver effective, collaborative and pragmatic services that strengthen the foundations of your agency or organisation.

These services are fully tailored to your agency or organisation, ranging from a single short project through to extensive program support.

I can remember well when Kathy first came to our office and began going through the quality processes required.  Having a passionate but youthful team, Kathy worked with us to meet the accreditation required for the Human Services Quality Standards without any non-conformity.  This was something I was very proud about as a Director of a new organisation.  She has been an extremely helpful ongoing resource to Lifestyle Supports and myself personally when in need of some sound advice and guidance.  We have always found her to be extremely approachable, comforting and supportive, making even the biggest hurdles easy to understand.

Omar Suleiman

Director, Lifestyle Support

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Looking for a structured program to help you get your head around designing and implementing quality systems in your workplace?

Our INSIGHT Program is designed for small businesses, not for profits and CEOs who have the courage to reach for more.

Through this program, we provide opportunities that involve not only reviewing your business and its systems but also educating you about the benefits associated with quality reviews and how to manage your business as it progresses and develops over time — in effect, helping you to gain INSIGHT into your business.

The INSIGHT program can help you and your team:

  • Understand the benefits associated with completing a robust gap analysis.
  • Strengthen the ability of the business to be known as a quality organisation.
  • Ensure people working for the business have a consistent understanding about the focus of quality within their work area and work role.
  • Showcase staff knowledge within and about the business.
  • Work on strengthening courage in the workplace.

The INSIGHT program has a number of inclusions:

  • A review of all documents, procedures and protocols conducted by a professional quality systems auditor. This includes phone and email contact with key individuals to ensure we have all of the documents required to conduct the review.
  • Academic research to ensure documents, procedures and protocols address current industry /sector requirements. This includes a review of potential ‘best practice’ guidelines.
  • Mentoring with senior staff and/or Board or Management Committee regarding the program and the outcomes to be obtained during, as well as after, the program. This includes weekly thirty-minute mentoring sessions to capture the benefits derived from implementing the quality system.
  • Reports demonstrating progress throughout the INSIGHT program.
  • Recommendations for advancing the business’s strategic direction.

The INSIGHT program is tailored to your support needs, with different levels of support available from the initial review stage right through to implementation.

Kathy Rees Transformation Specialist

Want to stay up to date with the latest changes to quality systems and strategies for implementation?

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