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Kathy Rees Transformation Specialist

Are you ready to make a lasting difference?

Are you a human services quality assurance auditor looking to transform your practice from merely tick and flick to genuinely making a lasting difference to your agencies or organisations?

Kathy Rees has been assisting quality assurance external auditors in leaping from mere compliance implementation to becoming a true business partner through effective consulting skill development. She picks up where qualifications such as the Diploma of Quality Auditing leave off and turns good auditors to truly great auditors.

What does to take to progress from a good auditor to a great auditor?

Research focusing on financial auditing indicates the future skill sets required by external auditors will require experience in the client’s industry (52%); investigative skills (52%); understanding data and analytics (42%); communication skills (41%); and critical thinking and judgement (42%).

Kathy believes there are five levels of human services auditor – ranging from Novice through to Ambassador. Where an auditor’s skills sit on the matrix determines the value they add to the organisation or agency they work with.

Developing the leadership, strategic thinking and communication skills needed by quality human service auditors is where Kathy Rees comes in.  

Coaching & Mentoring

Kathy is an insightful, supportive yet challenging coach/mentor to human service auditors.

Whether you are stuck on a specific issue with your practice and merely need a second opinion or are looking for ongoing coaching and mentoring to help you to build your practice, Kathy can assist.

Coaching/mentoring with Kathy is either delivered face-to-face at her office in Brisbane or virtually over phone/Skype or Zoom.

Kathy Rees Transformation Specialist

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