What a couple of weeks!

So many changes and at such a rapid pace.

In our workplaces, health settings, home and family life as well as elsewhere in the community, these changes can feel overwhelming, particularly with the unknown factor about what may still be ahead of us. Caring for one another is essential for us now, I think, and keeping in touch regularly even more so. Thank goodness for technology such as Messenger, Zoom and Skype (amongst many others)!

While we may not be able to see one another physically, at least we can keep in touch in other ways. Even during the uncertainty, my two young grand-daughters still show me the funny side of life, whether it’s looking at close-ups of eyeballs and nostrils or whether I am refereeing their arguments over the latest ‘Frozen’ movie from a video distance. It is surprising what we can do in amongst the uncertainty!

What these uncertain times can also provide us with are so many different opportunities too. On Friday, I listened to a live-stream event focusing on conquering the current crisis from a business and personal perspective. It’s worth listening to and the link can be found here.

What struck me as I listened to this event throughout the day was how positive and optimistic the presenters were. Yes, they acknowledged the fear and uncertainty – but they also focused on what we could do in the meantime. One of the presenters, Amanda Stevens made several suggestions about what we can be doing now. The one that I liked was a 4-week hibernation plan which looked a bit like the following:

Something as simple as this tool will help keep me on track and motivated in amongst these uncertain times.

I don’t know what is ahead, but, in the meantime, I plan on doing what I can each day to continue to make progress where I can. I will be doing remote auditing where I can as well as continuing to attend to the health and wellbeing of my family, my daughter’s support team, my friends, work colleagues and the wider community as much as I can. I know other people are taking the time to review internal business practices, while others are navigating the transition into a different working world for the first time. The reality for each of us, though, is that we have different ways of managing what is happening. Why not make the most of this time.

Thinking ahead:

  1. Have you developed some strategies to manage these uncertain times? Have you shared these strategies with other people?
  2. What actions will you be taking this week?