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Does AI have a Place in Audits?

Does AI have a Place in Audits?

Recently, I was reading some research involving the increased use of artificial intelligence and the potential impacts that this type of technology is likely to have on businesses, not only currently but well into the future.  One study found that artificial...

‘Deer In the Headlight’ Situations

Have you ever walked into a room and immediately felt the tension in the air?  In my auditing role, this often happens to me.  I know that people are often fearful or apprehensive about the audit and not sure about what I will be looking for or asking of them.  I...

First Audit Experience

Last week, I spoke about the important role of policies and procedures in an audit and the challenges that organizations face when policies and procedures are purchased ‘off-the-shelf’ and not modified to reflect what the organization actually does, as well as...

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